• F.A.Q.

    To be or not to be, this is the...F.A.Q.

    What do I get?

    • You have a physical piece of a digital culture in your house
    • You gain weird art no one else have, with extreme number of details and hidden tricks
    • You pay only in Bitcoin for it
    • You influence on creating the thing
    • You use digital picture for online promoting
    • You show it to your enemies and laugh
    • You collect a picture from a young mad artist who will make sure to deliver the most craziest thing right to your inbox (virtual or physical)
    • You can order an Art-pack to make your site shine.

    What did you mentioned about the Art-pack?

    Art-pack consists of:





    -original posters


    ...For your site. Also, we make special quests for the news outlets and other crypto fellows which are to increase the number of views for at least for a week.

    What About Privacy?

    We don't have any third party scripts, buttons and other code on this page to provide you fast, distraction-free and tracking-free visitor experience. This includes all the social networks so no AdBlock, Ghostery, NoScript or other similar extensions needed when visiting the site.

    What money do you accept?

    We'll be accepting Bitcoin and Ethereum Classic only.

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