"Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law. Love is the law, love under will."

  • Bitcoin Art


    We draw pictures for You

    Both for free and for fee


    Worldwide Delivery

    100% Underground art (no mainstream bullshit)

    Both virtual and physical Pieces

    Pay when it's ready

    Online Privacy Guaranteed


  • F.A.Q.

    To be or not to be, this is the...F.A.Q.

    Buddha is not a god, he's everyone around.

    What is this about?




    This site is an underground studio dedicated to Art and Bitcoin. We draw unique pictures for the members of Bitcoin community.

    Blockchain.info main office

    How those pics are being created?


    We usually create black-white and colorful pictures on A1 size paper. We also love A3 and A2 sizes, but no A4 mentions, please.

    what is the purpose of life? To create things, not only consume them.

    What do I get?


    • You have a physical piece of a digital culture in your house
    • You gain weird art no one else have, with extreme number of details and hidden tricks
    • You pay only in Bitcoin for it
    • You influence on creating the thing
    • You use digital picture for online promoting
    • You show it to your enemies and laugh
    • You collect a picture from a young mad artist who will make sure to deliver the most craziest thing right to your inbox (virtual or physical)
    • It may take LONG time, so... You probably will have to wait.
    what are the qualities of money?

    What money do you use?


    Bitcoin and Gold.

    (Possibly ETC in future)


    Where to buy BTC or Gold?

    You can buy bitcoins using your local exchanges or internationally recognized ones. See the full list on Bitcoin.com and Bitcoin.org.

    You can buy gold while in our country and pay in person. Also, you can pay with jewelry, we have a 25% discount on gold and jewelry payouts. Uh yeah, this sounds crazy.

    order a drawing with bitcoin privately



    We don't have any third party scripts, buttons and other code on this page to provide you fast, distraction-free and tracking-free visitor experience.


    No AdBlock, Ghostery, NoScript or other similar extensions needed when visiting the Depths of Sun site. However, search engines as third parties scripts still might be somewhere around, to, like, collect statistics, but no NSA-style deep analytics, we 100% guarantee we won't be analyzing you in any way.

  • Place Order

    Present a weird picture to yourself, your girl, your boss, your bitcoin company

    0.08 BTC - small drawing on A3

    0.15 BTC - middle drawing on A2

    0.5 BTC - A1



    Additional Features

  • Features

    Additional Features for you and your perfect image.


    Skill: Internet presence

    Send us a letter with a specs of your avatar. We will make something cool of it.


    Skill: Internet presence, marketing

    Send us a specs list about your desired logo, so we could laugh at it loud. Oh sure, the custom content only. Do you like our shitty logo? Coz if you don't, you'd better avoid contacting us.


    Skill: Web design, marketing, PR

    Send us a specs list about your desired illustration, so we could laugh at it loud. Oh sure, the custom content only. And yes, we never repeat ourselves.

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